WSRDGen: A Web Service Registry Description Generator



*          Description

WSRDGen is a Java class library that provides an API to generate a global semantic description from a set of semantic web services descriptions written in SAWSDL. This class library parses and extracts semantic concepts annotating the different SAWSDL descriptions elements (Interface, Operation, Input and Output). The resulting hashMap of each element containing the different WSRD concepts as well as their occurrences are the inputs for building the clouds of potential mean concepts. The clouds, in turn, are stored in hashMaps representing all ontology concepts.

Finally, we select the semantically most similar concepts using two different techniques: strong (also called hard) and weak (also called fuzzy). The first one chooses the concept having the highest value. However, the second consists in choosing more than one concepts according to a specific algorithm.

*          Documentation

The classes within org.wsrd.generatingWSRDFile package, namely, HardWSRDFile and FuzzyWSRDFile represent the central classes for this API. Both of them generate a WSRD model file but with two different methods. In fact, the former uses the strong reduction method. However, the latter uses the weak one.

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*          Samples

Here, we present a basic exemple using the strong reduction method in order to generate a WSRD model file from a set of 10 Web services descriptions.

Basic example

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